Monday, October 1, 2012

15 Months!

Weight Check
William - 22lbs 8oz
Aaron - 23lbs 4oz

The little guy has overtaken William in weight and is off to the races!  Well, almost...

The boys will be one year adjusted on Friday of this week - their due date was October 5th.  Yay!  They were baptized today, which was awesome, and I was happy to have our family and friends there to celebrate - as well those special people in the congregation who have been supporting us and praying for us over the past year and three months.

Medical updates:  The boys were circumcised this month and Aaron had tubes put in.  They both had the follow-up eye exam - William is still farsighted, Aaron is still nearsighted, and still only Aaron needs glasses.  His eyes are almost as bad as mine were before I had Lasik.  I do have the prescription now but still need to find a good place to bring him - which takes our insurance -  to get the frames.  Miraflex are supposed to be pretty much unbreakable, but I don't really like the look, and they were the only brand available at our eye doctor.

The boys have both been released from the pulmonologist, which is great.  We do have everything started to get the Synagis shot (RSV vaccine) next month, and hope to not need the lung doctor again.

Developmental updates:

William continues to cruise around furniture, and is finally able to go from crawling to sitting.  He was just going from crawling to kneeling, which was a minor concern.  I feel like he'll be taking steps within the next month or two.  He has the larger vocabulary of the two, and now also says Hi, Bye, and Boom.  He's started to put things together well, like putting toy balls in a whole in one of his toys to make the ball go down the ramp.  It's really fun to see those connections being made.

Aaron is TAKING STEPS.  My little grade 4 brain bleed miracle whom we were told had a high chance of never walking, talking, etc, is close to walking.  I'm so super proud of him, and at the same time still have the urge to go back and kick those doctors for ever telling us anything negative.  (That's wrong, I know).  I know they were speaking to worst case scenarios and making sure we were prepared for anything, and I do think it makes me more appreciative of every little bit of progress the boys make.   Aaron is also babbling more, but not yet saying identifiable words other than Mama and Dada.  They both are great eaters, and we are currently weaning them off of the Enfacare and on to whole milk.

Instead of pictures, here's a video taken about a week ago - it's probably about 3 minutes and 14 seconds of boredom for most people, but does show how far they've come :)  Ignore me talking in the background!  Aaron is the first one in the video, and on the left when they play at the table.  William pushes the table across the floor, and Aaron walks along the couch, then crawls to me - you will see him take a little unassisted step at the very end of the video, from the couch to the little ottoman.  It was taken with my cell phone, so the quality isn't great...but it's still my favorite video of the boys so far :)

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