Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

Weight Check
William - 13lb 9oz
Aaron - 12lb 13oz

And a Happy New Year it is!  The boys are now 6 months old (3 months adjusted).  William is now completely off of the supplemental oxygen.  We have another pulmonologist appointment in two weeks, at which point they will hopefully let us give back all of the equipment! I do want to keep the apnea monitors as long as we can.  I've heard from a few people that apnea monitors are a pain, but ours very rarely goes off due to a bad connection, and they have never had an actual apnea spell since being home.  The monitors give us peace of mind while they are sleeping at night that everything is okay.  

The physical therapist currently comes to our home twice a month.  I have had concerns specifically with William's tightness and have received just one stretch from her to do with him.  She believes the boys to be right on track for where they should be, which is great, and really just comes and sits at our house and watches them or holds them for a few minutes.  Anyone who knows me would know that this is not enough for me.  I want to be as proactive as possible with the boys given their risk for cerebral palsy.  PT in the NICU was great - they gave me feedback on specific areas that were tight when they were there, they stretched the boys at each visit, and they always gave me things to do on my own with them.  My plan was to wait until we see the NICU physical therapists again at the developmental clinic next month to discuss this in more detail, and what exactly I should expect from PT at home.  However, our pediatrician also took note of William's tightness and immediately referred us to Children's Hospital so that he can be evaluated further.  Great!  We have an appointment next week.  They should be able to better help us if either of them need orthotics or positioning devices in the future.  The tightness is typical with babies born so young, and doesn't necessarily mean anything, but could lead to difficulty or pain when learning to walk, and tip-toe walking.  The earlier we work on it, the better.

William and Aaron are such good babies.  They're both smiley and happy boys. With Anna, I cringed when people asked if she was sleeping through the night yet (she didn't until she was 1!).  The boys are now out by 11PM and up around 7 in the morning!  I didn't think such a thing was possible :)  

Thank you again to everyone for keeping up with the boys' progress and keeping them in your prayers!

Merry Christmas from William & Aaron!

Aaron & William

Tummy Time!  Aaron's head is's hard to catch them both up!


  1. Miracles do happen... But, these boys are miracles blessed, truly, by God!