Monday, October 24, 2011

Life is Good

Weight Check
William - 7lbs 6oz
Aaron - 7lbs 1oz

They're moving on up!  We've had a few appointments in the past week, I just haven't had time to sit at the computer and type.  There are better things to do these days :)

The boys had their follow up eye exams last week with great results - Aaron's ROP is GONE, and William's is getting there.  He has another appointment in a few weeks to confirm.  They still have a one in five chance of developing future vision problems like needing glasses, but given my eyesight they'll probably need them anyway.  Another cheer for Avastin!

Aaron's circumcision was scheduled for today.  We made it out to Stony Point, he was given the numbing gel, we waited an hour... and then we were advised to wait due to his hydroceles.  This is also why we have to wait with William, but apparently Aaron's weren't as evident in the consultation.  So now they will both need general anesthesia to have it done in about 8 months.

Everything at home is going well.  Anna has adjusted beautifully to having her brothers at home.  She's super cute with her brothers :)  We are not getting much all...but that comes with the territory. 

Life is good!

Random Pictures

We framed hand/footprint pictures to match Anna's. The pictures are from the hospital shoot before they left the NICU:



Aaron & William!

Big Sis

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